30.06.2011 00:00 Age: 12 yrs
Category: News from the Zlín and the surroundings
By: Adam Bělíček

Drunk young man fled on a motorcycle, but crashed into a police car

Collision with a police car over wild ride třiadvacetiletého young man on Thursday night near the Hungarian Ostroh patrol attempted to travel on off-road motorcycle. As it turned out, broke virtually everything you could. The machine had sat down drunk, no license, the bike was unlit and there are no registration.

Police chase car with a motorcyclist began after a patrol between Uherske promontory Ostrožská Nova Ves saw the unlit terrain machine. "The police went after him and wanted to stop, but the man drove, turned onto the dirt road and weaving," said police spokesman Ales Mergental Uherské Hradiště.

Biker not been addressed by the police horn, so the police tried to overtake him and stop. "At that moment the driver turned sharply, hit a police car and slumped to the ground," said Mergental.

In the fall the young man slightly wounded, minor damage to the conflict also left on a motorbike and police car. "Police then discovered that the young man is drunk, his breath was measured over 1.9 per mille of alcohol. At the same time step driving license and a bike is not registered at all," said a police spokesman.

Bikers will probably get a penalty up to three years in prison as a threat under the influence of addictive substances, which caused the accident, and must also reckon with further sanctions for other offenses.