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The city of Zlín and surrounding area can boast of a number of precious natural areas, especially concentrated in the nature parks Želechovické Pastures, Hostýnské Hills, and Vizovické Hills. Those interested in nature and exotic animals will surely appreciate a visit to Zlín's unique zoological garden. To access the beauties of nature, as well as the historical monuments of Zlín and the region around it, we recommend the region's dense network of marked trails for walkers and bicyclists.

Zlín is perhaps most famous for its legacy of modern Functionalist architecture. Before the Second World War the region around Zlín and Otrokovice grew into a unique urban complex, the symbol of which became the famous Zlín Skyscraper. The region's older historic sites include the ruins of Castle Lukov, Castle Malenovice, chateaus in Lešná and Vizovice, the church in Tečovice, the pilgrimage church in Štípa or the Magistrate Mikuláštík’s farmstead in Jasenná.

Zlín is the cultural center of the region; thus it is possi-ble to visit the Museum of Southeastern Moravia or the Museum of Shoemaking; then there is the Regional Art Gallery, the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, the Municipal Theater, and the Small Stage theater scene. The region’s menu of culture events is very broad; there are festivals devoted to theater, classical music, children’ and young people’s ilms, and many folk festivals. There are a number of well-equipped sports areas, a spa in Kostelec with a golf course, and the Health Trail in the woods around Zlín. Winter vacation can be spent on the slopes, or on the cross-country trails in the Hostýnské and Vizovické Hills.

Town hall building

Town hall building

nám. Míru 12, 761 40 Zlín

Phone: +420 577 630 111


Loc: 49°13‘35.631“N, 17°39‘58.552“E

The original Renaissance town hall from 1586 burned down in 1921, and a year later work was begun on a new town hall designed by František L. Gahura. it was inished in 1923, but gained its present ap-pearance in 1936–1937. Architect Gahura is also the author of the sculpture of a metalworker on the northern facade. Opposite the town hall stand statues of St. Florian and St. donatus from the 18th century.

Municipal theater

Municipal theater

třída Tomáše Bati 4091/32

761 87 Zlín

Phone: +420 577 636 111


Loc: 49°13‘30.93“N, 17°40‘9.969“E

The professional theater in Zlín was founded in 1946, and was originally located in the building now housingthe Small Stage on Štefánikova Street. The Municipal Theater, then called the “Workers’ Theater”, was built according to designs by architects M. Řepa and F. Rozhon; it wasthe irst theater built in Czechoslovakia after the war. it was completed in 1967, and had a capacity of 800.Today Zlín’s Municipal Theater is one of the best regional stages in the CR. The foyer is used by the State Gallery in Zlín, and each year at the beginning of May it hosts the international theater festival Setkání – Stretnutie (Encounter).

Roman catholic church of St. Phillip and James

Roman catholic church of St. Phillip and James

Sadová ul., 760 01 Zlín

Phone: +420 577 210 022


Loc: 49°13‘29.949“N, 17°40‘5.491“E

The church, which dates to the end of the 14th century, has been reconstructed several times, last time in the late 19th century after being damaged by ires in 1819 and 1849. Its bells, which bear the names Filip, Jakub, and Martin, were installed in 1920 thanks to the contributions of churchgoers and financial donations from Tomáš Baťa, Count Haupt – the owner of the Zlín estate, and Czech emigrants living in America. Besides regular worship services the church is also a concert venue.

Zoo and Chateau Zlin-Lesna

Zoo and Chateau Zlin-Lesna

Lukovská 112,763 14 Zlín 12

Tel: +420 577 914 180


Loc: 49°16'15.853"N, 17°42'52.359"E

Visit the Zlín ZOO and you won’t be sorry! It is opened 365 days per year and it belongs among the most popular zoological gardens in the country. Featuring extensive natural exhibition with flowing creeks and waterfalls, a Yucatan tropical hall, walk through exhibit and aviary, Chateau Lešna and beautiful park and animals offer an unforgettable experience and day-long fun and games for the whole family.

The original feature of the ZOO is the gardens' division into sections according to individual continents. So, in one day, you may trek through Africa, travel through Asia, Australia, Central and South America and you, as visitors, can get acquainted with 211 species of animals. The most attractive are gorillas, African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, wallabies, lions, tigers, anteaters, South American sealions, penguins, cranes, parrots.

Bata Canal

Bata Canal

Tel:+420 603 579 456


49°12‘37.005“N, 17°30‘27.17“E

(Otrokovice Dock)

The historic Baťa Canal watercourse served to transport brown coal from Hodonín to Otrokovice. route 2: Within sight of otrokovice 25 Part of the canal’s route leads through the channel of the Morava River, part through a manmade canal with fourteen locks. There are rentals for motorboats, paddleboats, canoes, and bicycles for riding alongside. The closest motor boat rental to Otrokovice is in Spytihněv, others in Staré Město, Veselí nad Moravou, Vnorovy, Strážnice, Sudoměřice, and Hodonín.

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